A smart shopping app.

TangoShopper FAQs

1. What is TangoShopper App

TangoShopper is a smart shopping app for in-store deal sharing. The app helps shoppers collaborate, share deals and buy items together to save money. You can connect with other shoppers in the same store or shopping mall and maximize the savings by pairing up and buying with another shopper. Each shopper may not qualify for the deals individually but by pairing up both shoppers will qualify for the deal.
The app also facilitates meeting people for savings, frendship or for fun while you are at the shopping mall

2. What is TangoShopper App Limited Release

Limited Release:  TangoShopper app is available for download on android and iOS devices only. Also, the app usage is restricted within Southern California region only.

3. Why is TangoShopper App in Limited Release

We are working diligently to expand TangoShopper app to other platforms and all over US very soon.
We are excited to bring TangoShopper app with limited release to the Southern California market now and check customer feedback, which will help us improve the app features.

4. How to use TangoShopper App

1. Download the app from Apple App store for iOS devices and Google Play store for Android devices.
2. Login to the app using your Facebook id, google id or register as user with your email id. You can also browse the app features by logging in as guest but to use the app you have to login.
3. Complete your app profile with display name, home city, mobile number, email id, age group, gender, ethnicity and languages spoken. Most of these fields are optional but will help you to use the app better if you give all the details.
4. Home Page: Select one of the 3 categories - Shopping, Food or Auto Services - to view offers near your city for the category selected.
5. Store Offers Page: Offers that give maximum savings by sharing with another shopper are listed in this page. You can filter the store offers by store name or change the city to view offers for another city. Each store offer shows a count of users waiting to pair up.
6. Offer Details Page: To connect with other shoppers select an offer you are interested in and you can view the details of the offer, a list of shoppers waiting to pair up and option to call or chat with shoppers shown in the list
7. Pair Up:  If you want to place a pair up request then select intent, wait time and press "Pair Up" button on the Pair Up page. You may want to do this if you did not want to pair up with list of shoppers waiting.
8. Connect: Chat with or call other shoppers, decide where to meet up, buy together and save money
9. Payments: You can pay the other shopper using payment apps like venmo, paypal etc from your smart phone

5. Why do I have to give City, Phone number, Email id, Age group, Gender, Ethnicity and Language in Profile creation

City is used to show store offers in your city by default
Phone number is used to call other shopper via the app in case you want to talk with other shopper
Email id is used as your unique identifier and as part of your login credentials
Age group, Gender, Ethnicity and Language - These fields help you to pair up with other shopper based on your preferences. This option is available in filter screen of the app. For example, you can choose to pair up with shoppers of same age group as yours.

6. What is Store Offers screen

Store Offers screen shows list of deals by store name in the mall/city selected
Each deal in Store Offers screen is advertised deal by the Store in the mall or city
We kept only those deals that makes sense to share with other shoppers and are also easy to split payments with other shoppers. Deals like Buy One Get One Free and Buy One Get 50% Off 2nd Item are easy to share with other shoppers as the math to split payments is simple.
You can browse through the Store Offers and make a request to pair up with other shoppers. You will do this if you decided to have your own pair up request, even though you saw someone else asking for pair up on the same deal
You can filter the Store Offers screen deals list by Store Names

7. What is Offer Details screen

When you click on the offer from Store Offers page, you can view the details of the offer, a list of shoppers waiting to pair up and option to call or chat with shoppers shown in the list
You can filter the shoppers waiting list by your shopper preferences

8. What is Chat screen

Chat screen shows all active chats you have with other shoppers
You can see chats grouped by each shopper's display name
Chat history is stored in your mobile phone and can be retained or deleted by you any time by going into your phone settings

9. What is Post Deals screen

Post Deals screen is used to post new store offers that are not listed in the Store Offers screen
This is helpful in case you discover a new store offer which was put up just that day and which we missed in our daily update of store offers
You can post deals only if you are physically in one of the 7 outlet malls

10. How do I pay another shopper

You have 2 options
1. Use paypal or venmo to pay from your mobile. You have to download paypal app or venmo app and do one time setting to store your credit/debit/bank account information. Most of you might already have the payment apps setup and ready to use.
2. Some of the stores accept 2 credit cards for the same transaction. So, you can pay directly at the store register for your share of amount. Please check with store representative if they accept 2 credit cards

11. Why can’t I pay from TangoShopper App

We are still working on integrating in-app payments using TangoShopper App. This feature will be coming soon

12. How do I get receipt when I buy with another shopper

Stores generally give a copy of receipt upon request. So, one of the shoppers will get original receipt and another shopper will get a receipt copy. Both original and copy are valid for your records

13. What if I want to return the items I bought together with another shopper

1. Please get either original receipt or copy of the receipt from the store representative at the register when buying with other TangoShopper
2. You can take the original receipt or copy of receipt along with your item you want to return to the store
3. Depending on the return policy of the store, you can either exchange the item or get store credit. The amount of store credit you get might be lower than the amount you paid for the item. Please check the store return policy. Returns are not always guaranteed.

14. How do I give feedback about the app

Please access the feedback screen from the slider menu on top left corner of the screen to provide your feedback

15. How much do I save when I buy with another shopper

Each person's share of cost depends on the deal shared. For example, if the deal 'Buy One Get One Free' is shared then each shopper saves 50% of cost of one item, so you get 50% discount on your item. If the deal 'Buy One Get 50% Off 2nd Item' is shared then each shopper saves 25%, calculated on the cost of 2nd item (of equal or lesser value). We created a calculator in TangoShopper app that shows each person's share depending on the deal. You can use the calculator to see your share to pay including taxes based on the inputs you give.

16. How do I filter deals or shoppers

On the top right corner of the app screen you will see a filter icon. You can use that to filter deals by store names or filter other TangoShoppers as per your preference. The preference filters currently available are - filter shoppers by your age group, your gender, your ethnicity or your language. More preference filters coming soon.

17. How accurate are the store offers or deals posted by other shoppers

The deals shown in Store Offers screen are sourced from the websites of the malls or stores. All the deals come with a disclaimer of 'see store representative for exclusions or other restrictions'. So as always you are advised to go to the store and verify if the deal is still available. The deals posted are not guaranteed to be valid. We are working on expanding store offers to cover more brand names in each of the 3 categories.

18. How can I update my profile

You can access your profile page from the slider menu at the top left corner of the app screen

19. How do I contact another shopper

You can click on the deals shown in the Store Offers screen and you can see the details of other shoppers waiting to be paired up. You can call or chat with the other shopper before meeting up

20. How long do I have to wait to pair up with another shopper

You can set a waiting time when you request for a pair up. You can see the waiting time displayed by other shoppers when you click on a deal in Store Offers screen

21. Can I update my phone number?

Yes, you can update your phone number in the profile screen accessible from slider menu on the top left corner of the app screen.
You can update all fields in your profile screen, except your email id. Your email id is unique identifier

22. Is login required to use TangoShopper app

Yes, to use all features of the app you have to login to the app. Login with guest user gives very limited functionality.

23. Will TangoShopper app use my Phone's data connection or minutes?

TangoShopper app uses data connection to identify nearby places and retrieve store deals. The app also uses data connection to provide in-app chat feature. When there is no wifi connection enabled in your mobile phone then the app uses your cellular data account. Also, when you choose to call other shopper via the app then your cellular mintues are used for the talk time with other shopper.

24. Who is the developer of TangoShopper App

TangoShopper app is developed by VFM Systems Inc., a California corporation. We are a Los Angeles based tech start up located in Westside.

25. What is the support team contact

If you have questions or concerns, please email to support@tangoshopper.com. We will try our best to respond within reasonable time frame.