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Meet your shopping partner and shop together. Each shopper individually may not get the deal but together both will qualify to get the deal and both share the savings.

View store offers in Shopping, Food and Auto Services in the city you choose. Offers that give maximum savings by sharing with others are shown in the app. Specify the offer, store name and waiting time to request a Pair Up with other shoppers.

TangoShopper is a smart shopping app that helps consumers save money.

TangoShopper App connects two shoppers inside a store or shopping mall who are willing to shop together and share the savings.

Save Money with TangoShopper App in 3 easy steps


A smart shopping app.

1. ​View Store Offers

Connect with other shoppers using TangoShopper app. You can filter shoppers by their age group, gender, posted deals and stores they are in. Chat or call other shoppers using in-app messaging or calling feature and decide where to meet up.

3.Shop Together
2. Connect